The House of Khadijah

Bringing an extraordinary site to life with accurate 3D renderings, plan drawings, Basmallah calligraphy, photography, illustration and intricate bespoke patterns.

Inspiral Design embarked on this multifaceted publication, written by Ahmed Zaki Yamani, by looking to the sacred landmark’s unique features for inspiration.

After extensive research, ID commissioned an artist/architect to create specialist 3D renderings of the site in Makkah with the help of historical documents and existing plan drawings. These renderings formed the backbone of the book’s design, visually enriching the text and adding value for the client.

The design for The House of Khadijah utilised a six-fold geometric language and featured ornate bespoke patterns throughout, which visually referenced a decorative tile with a six-sided motif found in the prayer niche in the Place of Concealment.

Printed using the highest quality print processes, the soft-touch laminated jacket, which covered the A4 hardback book’s debossed cloth cover, includes an exquisite illustration with blue metallic foiled titling

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