Limited Edition Calligraphic Posters

Striking silkscreened posters, each one unique.

Arabic calligraphy by Soraya Syed, Art of the Pen, featured prominently on the set of five silkscreened posters created for the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Qatar.

The vibrant colours, handmade paper and craft printing techniques were all chosen to imbue a sense of specialness into the objects.

The limited edition posters were designed to attract a younger audience who admired the striking combination of Arabic letterforms set against colourful textured paper.

To solve the problem of shelving these delicate artworks in Harrods in the MIA boutique as well as in the museum’s shop in Qatar, Inspiral Design sourced space-effective clear tubes that were marked with enticing silkscreen printed labels. Inside, each unique poster was sold with a translation of the calligraphy that could be conveniently adhered to the back of a picture frame.

The colours in the poster set complimented each other beautifully making them ideal for display together. This project demonstrates the polished and total design considerations made by the studio.

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