Songs of Presence

Instilling elegance and handcrafted workmanship into an English and Arabic spiritual songbook.

For Songs of Presence, Inspiral Design wanted to create something that reflected the importance of this book of litany.

Referencing illuminated manuscripts and traditional bookbinding methods, the design used a speckled, fibrous paper for the book’s inner pages paired with tipped-in sheets, manuscript-style binding, gilded edges and elaborate debossed, gold-foil details inspired by Ottoman patterns.

Typeset in English and Arabic, the book strikes a harmonious balance between the left-to-right set Roman characters and the right-to-left set Arabic letterforms that sit beautifully alongside calligraphic artworks. Using specialist software called Tasmeem, each line of Arabic display type was intricately word-shaped to visually match the digital typography with the sweeping calligraphic letterforms.

In addition to the faux-leather mass produced version, published by Ihsan Press, Inspiral Design produced an exquisite limited edition real leather bound version of Songs of Presence with a special suede case.

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