A unique collaborative web and mobile application of Arabic calligraphy and typography.

Designed and developed by Inspiral Design, Nuqta is a map-based user-generated museum of Arabic calligraphy and typography collected from around the world. Its growing number of users post images in situ – there are currently 1000s of submissions from places such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Nigeria, among many others – that have become part of the online archive. Nuqta is a culturally interesting and ever-expanding resource.

Photographic submissions include useful information in keeping with the app’s aim to “Learn, Share, Educate” and the website’s “Knowledge Bank” adds to the learning aspect of the application by bringing together articles, videos and links from experts in the field.

The app launched in Dubai, and later in London, with live calligraphic events. The collaborative artwork created by three invited calligraphers at the Dubai launch was later exhibited in Birmingham.

Nuqta is free to download in the iTunes store or Play Store.
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