Arabic Calligraphy Around the World

2012 Aramco Calendar

Revealing the origins, diverse history and beautiful letterforms of Arabic calligraphy.

This calendar presents the “most fascinating examples of the ubiquitous art of Arabic calligraphy”.

It has been extensively researched and carefully designed to bring together photography of significant sites and objects, reproductions of historic texts and a diverse array of calligraphic styles – from the Magharibi script of North Africa to Sini calligraphy in China. Inspiral Design showcased these rare calligraphic examples – sourced from buildings and objects – and brought them to the page for closer examination.

Choosing appropriate materials and print processes was key to the success of this project. The calendar’s underlay gold lustre cover uses highly technical gold and spot UV with gloss highlighting for the lettering to emulate wet ink. These features were set against a matte background for contrast. Each page strikes a delicate balance between being informative and beautiful.

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