1001 Inventions

Expressive identity, exhibition design and books that speak to an international audience and encompass the scientific and cultural nature of the brand.

This versatile logo design has a mechanical aesthetic, using cogs and clock hands that take the shape of a minaret.

Following this effective branding solution, 1001 Inventions invited Inspiral Design to bring these distinct design features and expert knowledge of Arabic and non-Latin typography to the design of several books, promotional material and exhibition graphics for a number of exhibitions worldwide. Inspiral Design has worked with 1001 Inventions for more than ten years and has designed for exhibitions in more than seventeen locations such as Saudi Arabia, Sweden, London, Istanbul, New York, Doha and Netherlands.

These exhibitions have placed Inspiral Design’s work on billboards along motorways, on the London Underground and in the interactive pods within the exhibitions themselves. Each new location has brought about a new bilingual book, printed promotional material and playful yet informative educational resources for children and their teachers.

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