Mobile App Development

Apart from great development and elegant user interface design we work closely with you to ensure we fulfil the best experience for you and your users. Our meticulous attention to detail takes care of every aspect of our app development from creating great content, listing on all app stores, monitoring user engagement, downloads and reviews. Every app is custom designed to match your business branding and we conduct thorough user testing to deliver quality products. Our expert knowledge of software aggregators enable your app to integrate seamless with various types of information or content from multiple online sources. We also are fully equipped to support you with marketing your app so your product succeeds and that it fits in with your all encompassing digital mobile strategy.

Nuqta is a perfect example of this, which is a user-generated mobile museum application of Arabic typography and calligraphy. For this project we collaborated with calligraphers and app developers to produce an exceptional mobile app that has generated over 40,000 downloads to date.