Multilingual Web Development

User experience is the core of our approach to web design and development with intuitive, uncluttered designs that ensure the content is presented in the best light. We delve deep into our clients’ businesses to ensure that we are clear about the requirements and understand the purpose and goals so expectations of all stakeholders can be met. It is important for us to be ahead of the ever changing world wide web and making sure our website and digital products or marketing material is accessible on the plethora of devices out there.

Our expertise can be applied to projects of any size and complexity exemplified by our recent web design for the University of Dammam and the Ecstatic Exchange website. University of Dammam required an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of bilingual Arabic and English right to left design along with an aesthetic that captured the essence of the university’s brand. We carefully considered all aspects of interaction with the wide reaching audiences of this university.