Calligraphy & Arabic Typography

We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge of Arabic typography and calligraphy. This allows us to expertly and harmoniously present English and Arabic texts side by side, bringing the elegance of hand-drawn Arabic letterforms to every page. These skills are supported by our specialist knowledge of the Muslim world and Arabic language.

Working closely with world-class, classically trained Arabic calligraphers and typographers who are adept at the many styles of scripts, we are in a firm position to deliver the very best of this craft to suit the needs of the project. With a deep knowledge of working with Arabic type both for print and screen, we are able to advise you on the best typefaces to choose.

Our Nuqta app which is the worlds first user generated mobile museum of Arabic calligraphy and typography was created to assist our research in this field. Also we created a calendar about Arabic calligraphy around the world that looks at the various styles and showcases these beautiful letterforms.